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    2018 Platinum "Build"

    Looks awesome!
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    2018 Platinum issues

    Good luck my friend....enjoy your new truck.
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    Adding to 2018's interior

    No, but for me, this is a great place for a bug out bag, first aid kit, blanket and a air compressor. The again, I have captains chairs in my second row so it may be different.
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    Center dash controls not working

    Have you checked the fuses? Locations should be in the owners manuals.
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    Semi-Custom Exhaust Install

    Can I ask where you got the black SS tip?
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    2019 Limited Ordered

    Holy cow, I didn’t know the 19s were being made yet! Dealers near me are still flush with 17s never mind 18s.
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    2018 Platinum issues

    I have a TRD Sport as well and bought in 12/12/17. I have 10k miles on it and never had an issue other than a Warning Brake come on while driving. I have had this 5 time since I owned it and it is telling me to break. I would guess it gets a stray, weird reflection and it thinks there is a car...
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    I just bought Continental TerrainContact AT tires for my 2018. They work very well in the snow, and were great on the beach. Aggressive look, no more road noise that the OEMs and no loss in mileage either.
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    Hey, did you have this Truck in Coralla a few weeks ago at Timbuc2?

    Hey, did you have this Truck in Coralla a few weeks ago at Timbuc2?
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    Nav Greyed out while driving

    Prestigious society sells a product to do this. I had one in my 2011 Sequoia and just put one in my 2018. Works great. Allows a passenger to access all the buttons while moving. In some areas where I drive (NYC, parts of NF, DC, Baltimore) stopping is not an option.
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    2018 Sequoia Questions

    Not trying to sell you something different, but why buy a limited? I have a TRD Sport that is similar to the limited, a bit cheaper, and has the captain chairs in the 2nd row with armrests.
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    Embrace Chaos

    Embrace Chaos
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    2018 Platinum "Build"

    Beautiful Truck. I traded in a 2011 Platinum for a 2018 TRD Sport and man, I love the truck. I’ve got about 10000 miles on it and my mileage is way, way better than the 2011. I hope your treats you the same.