2005 das blinkin litzen 4LO


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Jan 14, 2021
2005 201k, got vehicle with toasty valves and super custom timing belt, new motor later and it runs. Get it all fired up check oil in everything and both 4LO and 4HI flashing. I had left the forward actuator unplugged, after plugging it back in I now have 4LO flashing at me. No response from any of the 4x4 buttons. Its in 2HI and drives great just no 4x4. no codes from OBD2, tried leaving batttery unplugged, opened and inspected all wiring, verified voltage and continuity to all fuses. Transfercase actuator looked very clean when I opened it. no sign of damaged pins or wiring. Tried loosening the actuator and tapping and shaking. I got nothing. I am in need of your wisdom.