New here. Looking for opinion/advice/experience on load range C versus E on BFG KO2's


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Apr 12, 2019
Hello all, I have really enjoyed this site as I consider potential upgrades for my sequoia. I have a 2007 and am looking at getting some new tires in the near future. I currently have Michelin AT2's (P-rated, not LT) that were on the vehicle when I bought it.

In the past, I have lots of success w/ the BFG KO's on past vehicles (three different Broncos) but have never run the KO2's.

I'm trying to decide between load range C and load range E. What do you all think?

For reference, the vehicle is used for family weekend adventures in both mountainous and desert train. It's also used on a 25 mile round trip to work by my wife a 2-3 times a week. I'll occasionally tow a 6x12 single axle utility trailer (to help people move or makes trips to the dump). Everything is currently OEM, but I have plans to do a mild suspension upgrade in the near future to OME springs and Dobinson shocks (based on the excellent guidance found here).

Any experience or advice you'd like to share would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Feb 18, 2019
I've run E in 35 KO2's and currently C's on Nitto Ridge grapplers. I would run the ko2s at 34psi and they were comfortable. Any higher and you could feel the road well. If you need the extra margin in weight carrying capacity go with the E's, if not, I'd run C's for everyday driving comfort.
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