OEM Radio Cable Harness and Multiple Faults-2019 Sequoia


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Feb 6, 2021
I was attempting to replace my OEM radio and have been unable to connect the backup camera. One of the radio connector guides recommended splicing the backup camera wires directly. I stripped the wires and was still unable to get video to the new unit. Out of frustration I set up an appointment with my local Toyota Service dept. While plugging in the connectors for the OEM radio I neglected to turn the vehicle off (I know, Im an idiot) and that threw multiple faults: 2WH-4WH-4WL, vehicle speed sensor, lane deviation sensor, and a couple others. Toyota said the harness needs to be replaced at about $5,500. I'm not convinced that's true. Maybe there's a card that needs placing, but the original harness just needs a new 16 pin connector and maybe the faults reset. Can anyone help either confirm the OEM harness needs replacing and can anyone tell me how to get a new 16 Pin connector for backup camera and microphone input wires.

Thanks for any help!