Sookie the Sequoia (2007 SR5)


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Dec 28, 2016
Portland, OR
Does their Tacoma fit the First Gen Sequoia? I know they make those for the Taco, but wasn't sure if the Sequoia could fit them.
I’m sure the Tacoma bumper will not fit since these bumpers are specific to the sequoia. You’ll have to contact brute force Fab by phone to get the info on the bumper for the sequoia. He’s a small fan shop that’s super busy so he hasn’t had an opportunity to get the sequoia bumper added to the website.


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Jul 13, 2020
I have been a longtime fan of 4runners and have two ATM...both are down and I've been working on fixing one, but I came across a sequoia today that looked fairly aggressive and realized I had never even considered the Sequoia as an option. I was immediately sold on it and have spent the entire day looking at them. I love your rig and can't wait to get one. I am now on the hunt for an 05 with dark interior and no sunroof...I can't wait to join the club!!!

Like I said, yours is awesome and just another point of inspiration for what I want. Also, shout out to another PNW offroader!

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