2005 Limited 4wd Sequoia Rear Brake Job || Stuck E-Brake...


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Oct 26, 2019
Greetings all!

I've found way too much varying info on this brake issue specific to my 2005 Sequoia Limited 4WD in regards to freeing the emergency brake, so its time for a post.
I'm in the middle of swapping rotors & pads, and hoping to not have to reassemble anything beyond that. We'll see.
Where I'm at:
The rust seal has definitely broken, and the rotor feels like it wants to come off, but it feels like its being held on by springs... Due to the position of the star adjuster, it's turning out to be impossible to get any purchase on the tabs so that I can free it. I've tried numerous screwdrivers, and then bought a brake tool kit, and then had to grind the ends to make it narrow enough to fit. Still no luck.
If I have to force the rotor off- should I use the 2 bolt hole method to pop it off? My inclination is to take that back piece off (see pic) and then try and access the adjuster that way, which looks like quite a bit of reassembly later... Any advice on getting the ebrake free at this point greatly appreciated!!!



Dec 31, 2017
Telluride, CO
You want to tighten the star adjuster for ebrake which will make it shorter to release the pads. If you have to force it off buy a rebuild kit with new springs.